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Who We Serve

Dynamic Purchasing Solutions provides a necessary service to those who are truly in need: Teachers and Clubs. Through DPS, teachers can finally purchase the items they choose, without being limited by the school district’s pre-approved vendor list, unrealistic wait times, and lengthy purchasing processes. With 90% of American teachers reporting out-of-pocket spending in the US, the DPS team understands the desperate need for change. DPS has created an avenue for teachers to purchase exactly what they need, when they need it, and WITHOUT the use of any personal funds.

How It Works

Dynamic Purchasing Solutions has streamlined the purchasing process to enable teachers to purchase the supplies of their choice, from the vendor of their choice, WITHOUT spending their own earnings to do so. Teachers simply place an order through our website—DPS will then send a quote to both the school purchasing agent and the teacher. After the PO is approved, DPS will buy and ship the items directly to the school.  It’s THAT easy!

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